Solunar API

Solunar API

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Latest News:

This is a hobby project.

I also have a 'non-hobby' version of the api.

Usage Documentation:

A GET request is sent and the results are returned in JSON format.


Parameters need to be comma separated values.
Latitude needs to be in decimal degree format with North positive, South negative.
Longitude needs to be in decimal degree format with East positive, West negative.
Date needs to be yyyymmdd format.
tz - timezone for results, needs to be an integer

example usage for a location in Michigan, USA:,-84.07,20180207,-4

Its Really that simple.

Try it:

Solunar Theory:

This api calculates solunar times. There is a hypothesis that the times animals and fish are most active and feeding can be predicted based on factors such as sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset, moon up/moon down and moonphase. Fisherman and hunters use this data to determine the best days and times of day to catch fish or hunt game.